Goodbye October! Hello November! Elemental Season is upon us!

The store has been up almost a month now, as we move into November. We've learned some things along the way, but so far we couldn't be happier with the support the fam has bestowed upon us. We have some great pictures of the fam sporting their gear, blankies, bottles, and backpacks. Can't wait to share them on the socials.

This month, we're trying to tap into the elemental essences of all of us. Whether you're an astrology person or following a different path, almost every form of spirituality associates the elemental forms of earth, air, fire, and water with all things and all people. Please check out our selection of elemental tees and sweatshirts, and let us know if you want to see those aspects reflected in more products. A fire blankie anyone?

Love and light,


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